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Holiday Sale: December 6 & 7

Pots for sale in the Gallery

St. Earth Pottery is a one-man studio located in rural Indiana. For 20 years, I've made pots that aspire to be as beautiful as they are functional. They are intended for daily use. I make a range of forms and use a variety of clays, glazes, decorative motifs and firing methods. I make each pot myself -- one at a time and entirely by hand -- using traditional craft techniques like throwing on the potter's wheel, decorating with hand tools and brushes, and firing in fuel-burning kilns.

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  • Writing is, well, writing, including This Week @ St. Earth, my blog about making pots.
  • About St. Earth includes information about my studio, studio sales, and past exhibitions.
  • Contact me for information about buying pots, visiting the showroom, or any other inquiries.
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Scott Cooper