Month: March 2016


“It was just a mess of roiling anxiety mixed with excitement.” – Linda Christianson Oh hell yeah. A photo posted by Scott Cooper (@stearth) on Mar 26, 2016 at 1:22pm PDT After keeping a pretty good lid on it through the worst of my cold/flu/whatever, I freaked out real good on Sunday. And not just because I had to run the gauntlet of yet another holiday’s slate of rituals and familial obligations. More because I’m […]


“That’s only happened recently. That I feel like I’ve at least earned their respect enough to be sitting across the table from them. It probably makes them less nervous.” – Eddie Vedder So, I got sick. Lost most of a week. Started freaking out about my sale deadline. Kept it in check, at least for a few days. Took angle iron supports to local machine shop, but it was going to be a while, so […]


“In other words, to the extent that this is all about you, leave that out.” – John McPhee So I knew — and you probably did, too — that as soon as I’d made the distinction between a fatalism blog and an optimism blog, I would have the overwhelming desire to break it. {cf. muddy, blur, confuse, flaunt, obfuscate, play, avoid, thrash, ignore.} I’m nothing if not a kneejerk rebel. Fight the power, rah rah, et. al. And I almost did — make this second post one of my classic, solipsistic, […]


“I don’t want to start, but I will. This is an invocation for anyone who hasn’t begun, who’s stuck in a terrible place between zero and one.” – Ze Frank So I hope you get it that the idea here is to be not nothing. Maybe not quite the anti-nothing, but at least an attempt at balancing the equation. Which equation, you ask? The only one that matters, friend… Yesterday's plates. A photo posted by […]