Month: April 2016


“And the sky was the color of clay.” – Sting 5:50am on a Friday. #72 / 5 of 5 is at 660F. Glimmer of first light, coffee, Very Quiet playlist on; full of almost tearjerkers. C & M still asleep, world still asleep. Just me and flashlights and sketchpad and the pyrometer. I could mark out three months of ideas in an hour; crazy; how the mind races ahead. Terrible at living in the moment, […]


“When you thwart what’s real about you, in order to keep creating content for a financial need, you’re just not gonna make it.” – Louis CK 1522F @ 9am. Mug by St. Earth. A photo posted by Scott Cooper (@stearth) on Apr 23, 2016 at 6:10am PDT Number 71 is in The Neitherlands; that magical, spooky, quantum in-between state of neither here nor there. They’re gone but not yet arrived. 850 degrees Farenheit may as […]


“It may not be good, but there are no lies in it.” – Ethan Hawke So firing 70 was good. Maybe my prostrating and carefully jinx-free statements sufficiently placated the kiln gods. Or maybe drilling out the pilot burner head was a long time coming, and had finally hit the breaking point, and I successfully reset that clock. Or maybe it just wasn’t so fucking windy this time. Maybe some of all the above. Maybe […]


“And the hands on the clock, when we realized it’s so late, and this time we spent together…” – Dashboard Confessional It’s crazy. I don’t have time for this. But I’m doing it anyways. Let’s see if off the top of my head and unedited is worth it. #70 is cooling down through the 800s, a few dozen feet from where I sit at my studio table, chasing plastic and grinding through the last of […]


“…a new frontier in the annals of self-involvement.” – David Carr And then three days at the office. Where was I? Oh yes… Stone cold kiln; out before first light to start the stove on this freakishly cold April morning. A light spitting rain that my weather robot says will get worse, so door down, pots out, shelves and posts out, door back in. Sealed up again before M had even walked into school — […]


“Announcing your plans is a good way to hear God laugh.” – Al Sweringen Chimney getting hot. A photo posted by Scott Cooper (@stearth) on Apr 3, 2016 at 4:52am PDT If writing a weekly blog for seven years taught me anything, it’s to not say too much while the pots are still in the kiln. Pride comes before the fall, and the kiln gods love to punish optimists. So I’ll try not to say […]