Month: June 2016


“We have acutely sensitive hands, but we handle the world with thick gloves and then, bored, blame it for lacking shape.” – Charles Foster I tried, during my sabbatical week, to get some thoughts down in type, but they mostly kept eluding me. There was either simply no time to put it ahead of all the other great stuff to do — talk, throw, decorate, talk — or I was so mentally wiped once a […]


Private Witt: Do you ever feel lonely? First Sgt. Welsh: Only around people. W itt is coming to visit. For real. I mean, barring the kind of random catastrophe that’s become routine lately. I’m trying to keep my expectations at ground level, but… I mean… it could actually happen. Tomorrow. This is your official notice that, henceforth, I’m changing his nickname, again. It started as Wittgenstein (too on the nose), after I carefully considered going […]


“…he bleeds onto the page and then admires the pattern he leaves behind.” – Hua Hsu I turn 45 this week, and goddamn do I hope this is at least the halfway point. I’m more tired of this life than excited about whatever’s left of it. Maybe this is just the midlife crisis talking, but that’s how it seems now. I mean, this place sucks. The shit to shine ratio is pretty awful. (And as […]


“Hung my head as I lost the war and the sky turned black like a perfect storm.” – Taylor Swift Another run of bad luck — one mini-crisis after another — is conspiring to keep me out of the studio. It makes me mad at the world. Pissed off at myself for letting too many things slide out of view while I had on my sale blinders. Frustrated that I know what I want to […]