Month: August 2016


“And hey, can you go wrong? More times than you thought that you could be?” – Wheat Every week the studio momentum dies, on late Saturday afternoon, and I have to resuscitate it on Thursday morning. This fucking sucks. Some weeks, it takes a long time to get it going again. That rock doesn’t roll itself. (Can you forgive me for jamming two metaphors into that paragraph? I just couldn’t choose one over the other. […]


“These hands had to let it go free and… this love came back to me. Oh-ah-oh. Oh-ah-oh. Whoa-oh.” – Taylor Swift It came back again. I’ll be damned if it doesn’t always come back, even when that possibility seems remote. At least, it’s come back so far. Maybe one day it won’t. Who knows? But I don’t mean it’s back like ‘falling in love all over again’; not a bolt from the blue or a […]


“And baby now we got bad blood. You know it used to be mad love.” – Taylor Swift Nine am. I made two bowls; the first two; mini break. Because I’ve got these words on the brain and they’re getting in the way. I’m going to try to make four or six more before I switch to other chores. So far = OK; never quite as painful as I feared in advance. Got pretty close […]


“And I held my tongue. As she told me, “Son, fear is the heart of love.” So I never went back.” – Death Cab for Cutie Oh… Oh! I forgot to mention: I also mopped. Guys: I mopped the floor. In my studio. For the hell of it. What can this possibly mean? Since Witt left, now an alarmingly long time ago, I’ve mostly been in the studio in Just Passing Through mode. It’s where […]


“If you try to teach a fish to climb a tree it will spend the rest of it’s life thinking it is stupid.” – Tony Clennel I didn’t make any pots this week. After a straight 5 at the office, there was just a chunk of Saturday morning sitting there open, hemmed in by yard work, chores and family day. And tiredness. And being fully stopped and not emotionally ready to start fighting inertia. Not […]


“When the butterflies turned to dust they covered my whole room.” – Taylor Swift “They were slick, technically astonishing, and I was totally unmoved by them.” – Clary Illian I’ve been hashing out, chatting with some potter friends, how we maintain that joy in the studio, in the midst of trying to make some of our living there, too. How to find that feeling of open-ended possibilites, and embrace risk in the face of terrifying […]