Month: September 2017


“I don’t expect to be treated like a fool no more; I don’t expect to sleep through the night.” – Paul Simon Maybe if I believe it enough, I can turn into a Raven and fly away from here. Maybe. I dunno. You dreamed I tried to set you up, then brought me jelly doughnuts and whiskey. That is one strange quid pro quo, my friend. I mean — we know some very nice, currently-single […]


“I thought someone would notice, I thought somebody would say something, if I was missing — can you see me? – Counting Crows I almost don’t even know who this person is anymore. So many repetitions of that Swift lyric about wanting to be my old self again but still trying to find it, then I find it and it’s like: who the fuck is this person? It’s crazy: waking up before six each morning, […]


“I just think that you write something that you would enjoy reading, like you’re writing the book that does not exist that you wish you could read, and then you hope that almost coincidentally other people feel the same way.” – Chuck Klosterman I woke up at 5am the other day with a near-complete vision for how I could shoehorn the old /tw@se/ archive into some kind of book. Most of that was just pre-dawn […]


“You lived in the present, but that present always contained a past, some image of a ruined paradise.” – Pete Hamill Sometimes I wish I could sell the blog posts, and give the pots away for free. A post shared by Scott Cooper (@stearth) on Sep 8, 2017 at 8:01am PDT i i i am not a bot Had a dream that I was being incarcerated; details unclear. One of the other patients/prisoners asked me […]


“You need a hug in the morning, too.” – Pix’l When she’s older, when I’m older, when the toys have gone or been archived into closets, I’m going to imagine her happily playing with Legos on a sunny September Sunday morning; acting out her wishes and questions, completely engaged in the moment; me in the next room, where I can hear but not be seen, doing my “adult work” while she does her “kid work”; […]


“You took various elements, you were precise about each one of them, but you made them fresh by the way you arranged them. The process kept his brain alert and alive. Or so he thought, as the months became years, and the years became decades.” – Pete Hamill Well, that last one could have used some editing. (I mean, all those ridiculous parenthetical asides — those alone would sink any ship before it left the […]


“Autumn leaves were falling down like pieces into place, and I can picture it… after all these days.” – Taylor Swift The weather turned this week, and it’s like rocket fuel straight into my tank. It’s like I can breathe again, can aspire a little, can bypass my A/C guilt and the ensuing daily debate and just get straight to thinking about throwing. “Time — I think it’s about time.” A post shared by Scott […]