Month: January 2018


“Trying to tear her down was your first mistake. ‘Cause little do you know, she wasn’t built to break.” – Grace VanderWaal I approached the gods and I was found wanting. They sent me back here, for more practice. That’s OK. The trees are awfully nice, especially at the start and end of each day. And I get to sing songs with my daughter — honestly, we’re both terrible, but wow is it fun to […]


“Tilt your head and turn it towards the sun.” – Stars “Waterfall goes softly to the sea. And I feel my hands are finally free. Oh, give me a chance so I can find the sea. One and one; one and one is me.” – Wheat Well, well. Fancy meeting you here again. So, I have been writing, despite lack of all evidence here. In fact, writing so much that it’s seemed a little overkill […]