Month: November 2020

-87: war

“This is my world, and I am: the world leader pretend. This is my life; and this is my time.” — R.E.M. I do not understand how my Red State neighbors can’t see that this is our world war. It’s not like post-9/11, with no discoverable, definable enemy. It’s not like Vietnam, with murky-at-best motivations and no sense of costs versus benefits. It’s not like Korea, settling old scores and setting up the pieces for […]

-88: reboot

“And someone with strengths, for all the little things you make …” _ Wheat Four years ago this morning, I woke up in a much worse place. Vastly worse. The day after a catastrophic election, one that I’d unknowingly been using to prop of the last of my fading hopes, it all started to unravel to the end. Loop chain. Since then, I went to therapy to start fixing my brain, and to discover that […]