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so long and thanks for all the fish

"Oh well, if you don’t like that, look at this. Or you don’t like that? Here’s another hundred for you to slog through because I’ve put in the time.” - Ze Frank

This Week @ St. Earth was a blog about my life in and out of the studio from 2007-2014. There are 359 posts archived here, ranging from confessional to how-to; photo essay to self-promotion; stories and dreams to obscure references and links; and the occasional top-of-mind, semi-poetic lurch at the keyboard. For better and for worse, this is where I wrote, thought and shared during that time.

Each year is archived as a single, very long page. For example, here's the last year, 2014. The posts are in reverse-chronological order, as they were when originally published. Here's the first post; here's the last one.

an_index lists every post by date and title, and links directly to it within its respective archive page. For nerds and bots, there's an RSS feed of the same content. And there are links to the entire archive at the bottom of each page, if you want to browse from year to year.


Because there's so much here to wade through, I'm working on a list of recommended posts -- like a "greatest hits" or a primer for getting started, if you're new here, or have forgotten most of it and want to remember how to find the good bits. I'll post that here when it's done. I'm also thinking about alternative formats, like a condensed digital version... or perhaps even good old, archaic print?

After retiring tw@se, I started two new blogs:
∂¡∫©UR∫¡√≈ £∞¶: another blog about making pots
Alms for Oblivion: a blog about not making pots

If you liked this one, you might like those, too. Then again, you might not.

Questions/comments/invective/errata? Send them to me ; or find me on one of the half dozen social networks linked above; or call me at home, anytime; or scratch them into a clay tablet and send it to Indiana by UPS. I'd love to hear from you.

–Scott Cooper