And all my walls, were tall painted blue. I’ll take ’em down, take ’em down, and open up the door for you.” – Ed Sheeran

Hey, you didn’t come play darts. Ah well; I wasn’t really expecting that you would. Yet another fantasy: end of day darts and shooting the shit with another potter. Maybe never.

The bad news is that, minus your supervision, I tripped on that fat extension cord, fell face first into a bucket of slip, and died right there, sprawled out on my studio floor. So sad.

The good news is that, here in Potters’ Heaven, there are way fewer s-cracks, and the export options from Bear to WordPress, for your precious, carefully hewn text, actually make one goddamn bit of sense for a change. Phew! That life business was awful!

Good luck with that, suckers. Seeya up here in fifty years, give or take.

“Come back and tell me why: I’m feeling like I missed you all this time.”

"… so dust off your highest hopes."

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