“I bet, this time of night you’re still up…” – Yep, you guessed it: TS

You knew this was coming the moment I floated the idea, right? Ha.

Funny how often our sleep cycles are self-fulfilling prophecy. What time of day is this for you? Evening? Mid-morning snack? For me, lately, it’s like the night is split in two, with this weird span of wired brain word activity for about an hour in the middle. ‘Two sleeps’. I dunno, maybe not prophecy — maybe it’s the meds.

2am: blogging time

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Well, I think I should stop there. Just a meta-post to complete the exercise, and so later on I can say that I did. Funny, the things that I can use to prop up my fragile sense of self. This is as close to that unedited, blogging in real-time thing that we’ve talked about as I’ve ever done; most similar to that magic few weeks of tn@se from Penland. Ends up that WordPress was the key the entire time. I can be stupid in my stubborn resistance.

Thanks again for that long call yesterday. Sometimes, I honestly don’t know where I’d be without you. This life is much too big and scary to navigate with only one brain at your disposal. It comes in awfully handy to occasionally borrow a second, more powerful one to help chart the course. Here’s to new maps.

“Every time I don’t, I almost do.”